*Creative Baking Challenge*

Share your recipes with the cookie consumer world!

Step One:
Grab a box of Girl Scout Cookies
Create an original recipe using the cookies
Name the recipe, take pictures while you make it, and create an elaborate backstory detailing the roots of the recipe. 

Step Two:
Submit your entry by sending it to
Entries should include: the recipe, pictures, a short bio, description, allergy and dietary information, and anything else you would like to add.
All entries will be tested and judged before they will be added to the website*.

Step Three:
Bask in the eternal fame and glory of the internet!

1. All entries must be original.
2. All entries must be delicious.

*Please allow at least 3 weeks for a response. Not all recipes will pass inspection. If recipe does not pass inspection, comments and suggestions will be sent back to the submitter and they will be asked to make changes before submitting the same recipe again. All recipes are subject to change if typos are found. Approval will be delayed if pictures, description, and a name are not submitted. The Girl Scout Cookie Book has the right to use all submitted materials; however, you will always be attributed to the recipe, and no materials from the cookbook are to be sold in any way shape or form, other than by the recipe's creator. If you do not have access to an email, go to the Contact Page and leave a comment.

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