How To Use the Girl Scout Cook(ie) Book

To the General Public: The Girl Scout Cookie Book is a free, public resource. It was created for the public to find new and even better ways to use Girl Scout cookies, and make them just that more delectable! Send me feedback about the recipes you try, and you can also use the website to learn about great local bakeries in your area! Feel free to create your own creations and send them to me! I'd also love to hear any and all comments or suggestions. To contact me, email Thank you for supporting your local Girl Scouts by buying cookies! Enjoy!

To Girl Scouts: The Girl Scout Cookie Book was created to help your customers find new ways to enjoy their Girl Scout cookies. You can use the recipes and the website as a tool while selling cookies to improve your sales and help develop your leadership skills. Go to the Handouts and Materials Page to find information and advertisement slips to distribute to your customers. If you have any questions or would like the files in a PDF or Word format, email I'd love to hear your stories! Good luck, and dream big!

To Troop Leaders: The Girl Scout Cookie Book can be distributed by your girls to their customers, so that the cookbook can get more publicity, and more cookie-lovers can find better ways to love cookies. It is also a great tool for your girls to use while selling cookies to help them make a connection with a customer and boost your sales. You can also hold your own bake-off in your local council to help kick-off the Cookie Sales Season and boost your sales! Go to the Handouts and Materials Page to find handouts and more information. If you have any questions or would like the files in a PDF or Word format, email Thanks-a-lot!

To Chefs: The Girl Scout Cookie Book is a wonderful archive with recipes available for you to try for free! We ask that none of the desserts be sold in any way. Please test out the desserts and send in your feedback! I'd love to get your input. You can also send me your own creations! Take the Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Challenge by creating an original recipe using a box of Girl Scout Cookies. Send your feedback to Bon App├ętit!

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  1. From one girl scout to another: this website is great! I can't wait to try these recipies!


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