Frequently Asked Questions
Question: How do I find the Samoas/Tagalongs/Trefoils recipes?
The recipes on this website are listed by the names according to ABC bakers. Click on the "The Cookies" page tab to see the list of cookies used and their corresponding names for the Little Brownie Bakers.

Question: Can I add my own recipes to this site?
Yes! Take the Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Challenge! Send your original recipe to gscookiebook@gmail.com. All recipes are welcome!

Question: Where can I find materials and handouts about the website?
Visit the Handouts and Materials Page! If you need any files in a PDF or Word format, email gscookiebook@gmail.com.

Question: What can I do to help?
Thank you! There are many ways to help improve the Girl Scout Cookie Book! Spread the word! Start by sharing the website with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending a link to their email. You can also help improve the website by participating in the Website Survey! Also, give feedback on recipes you like or didn't by commenting on the page of the recipe. If you enjoyed baking the recipes, take it one step further and create your own! Take the Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Challenge!

Question: How can I join or get involved with Girl Scouts?
All information finding a council and troop near you can be found on the Girl Scouts of USA Website

Question: Why should I join Girl Scouts?
Please email me: gscookiebook@gmail.com

Question: Where can I get some Girl Scout cookies?
Look for cookie booths at malls, department stores, fairs, and expos. Also, check to see if any of your co-workers have daughters selling cookies at your work. But, always buy from the girl who comes to your door first. To find out when your council sells cookies, check out your local council website, or search for your zip code on the Girl Scout Cookie Website. The website also will help you find the closest cookie booth location, and give you information about how to buy cookies. Thank you for supporting your local Girl Scouts!

Question: How do I know if a recipe is safe, if I have a food allergy?
  1. At the bottom of every recipe post, there should be food allergy information about the recipe's contents for your convenience. This information only includes the most common food allergies, including: wheat, soy, milk, coconut, flour, peanuts and other nuts, eggs, cocoa, marshmallow, lemons, cranberries, and banana. However, the information accounts only for the Girl Scout cookies' allergy information, and a few various other ingredients that are found in the ingredient list. So, make sure you check the contents of anything ingredients added that are processed, like cake mix, etc. 
  2. It's important that you also check the contents (found under the Nutrition Facts on the side of the box) in each box of cookies you use, just in case, before you use them.
  3. If you have a serious allergy or an allergy to something not listed above in #1, you can access the ABC Girl Scout cookies' complete Nutrition Facts on the ABC Bakers Nutrition Facts Pages. Little Brownie Bakers cookies' complete Nutrition Facts can be accessed on the Little Brownie Bakers Cookies Pages
  4. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at: gscookiebook@gmail.com
Question: Are Girl Scout cookies Kosher?
Kosher information for ABC Bakers can be found on the ABC Bakers FAQ Page.

Question: Where can I find health information on the cookies?
Look on the side of the cookie box for the nutrition facts. More extensive health information for ABC cookies can be found on the ABC Bakers Nutrition Facts Pages. For Little Brownie Bakers cookies go to the Little Brownie Bakers Cookies PagesYou can also find more fun recipes on these websites!