Girl Scout Cookie Book Website Survey


Please fill out this quick survey and send it to: The survey is not mandatory, but any and all input is greatly appreciated. Information is completely confidential.



Please provide short answers:

1. Are you involved with Girl Scouts? Is so, how? (e.g. volunteer, a scout, buys cookies)

2. How did you find out about this website?

3. How are you using this website?

4. What has this website helped you to accomplish? (May or may not be applicable.)

5. Has this website improved your cookie consumption experience? How so?

On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being the best, please rate:

1. How helpful was this website?

2. Did you find the website easy to navigate and access?

3. How would you rate the design and layout of the website?

4. Did you find the recipes to be delicious?

5. How accurate are the recipe instructions?

6. How easy to follow are the recipe instructions

7. What is your level of satisfaction from the overall experience?

If you indicated a 1 or 2 for any of these categories please specify why.

Any suggestions?



  1. Mikki,

    I met you at the Convention in Houston and promised to share your site with all my Girl Scouts took a while to find your scrap of paper and get the webite to load but today; SUCCESS!! Your site is great! Congrat's on earning your Girl Scout Gold Award!!
    Ms. Minnella

    1. Thank you so much for all your help! :) I'm glad you enjoy the website! Let me know if you want any suggestions for recipes!


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